Revels North

Nils Fredland, Artistic Director

Revels North is a non-profit arts organization providing year-round, multi-generational programming which celebrates the power of traditional song, dance, storytelling and ritual, and provides opportunities for communities to connect.

Year-round opportunities include Revels Singer and Revels Teens, two groups that meet for monthly workshops and performances. Revels Singers is an all-ages singing ensemble that is open to all. Revels Teens is an auditioned ensemble for ages 12 and up.Our keystone productions are the Summer Revels and the Christmas Revels. Summer Revels seeks chorus members and other performers for our one-day celebration of the summer solstice. Christmas Revels is an auditioned production for singers, actors and dancers that takes place at the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts at Dartmouth.

Learn more about all of our programs at our website!

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