Thank you to our donors!

The Choral Arts Foundation of the Upper Valley wishes to thank the individuals and organizations below for their generous support.


Jo Shute & Allan Wieman

Leaders Circle

John Archer
Eugenia & William Braasch
Karen Endicott
Henry Higgs
Kendall Hoyt & Manning Rountree
Dan Meerson
Gretchen Twork
Richard Waddell


Linda & Stephens Fowler
James & Mary Quinton-Barry


J. Heywood Alexander
Carol Barr
Shoshana Belisle
Stephen Campbell & Anne Baird
Peter & Kathie Christie
Dave & Helen Clark
Charles & Charlotte Faulkner
Jon and Anne Felde
Robert Fogg
John & Caroline Gilbert
Susan Gorsky
Deborah Hall & James Woods
Heather’s Color Echos
Mardy and Colin High
Rob Howe
Nicholas & Judith Jacobs
Richard Kremer & Jane Carroll
Cathleen Morrow
Melinda O’Neal
Don & Abbie Penfield
Dave & Bonnie Robinson
Christopher & Kathy Robinson in honor of David & Bonnie Robinson
Brett & Katie Rusch
Karin Schumann
Martin & Carolyn Singer
Jacqueline Smith
Stave Puzzles
Averill Tinker


Benjamin & Sarah Gilson
Gerard & Emily Jones
Erland & Sandra Schulson


Alice Bennett
Molly Bonhag
William & Jean Brown
Joan & Richard Cooke
Robert Drysdale
Ridie & William Ghezzi
Edith Gieg
Jennifer & Thornton Hayslett
Rebecca & Peter Paquette
Barbara & Henry Payson
Ruth Sylvester